A grounding stone that protects the aura and shields against negativity drawing in light. It is part of the earth healing triad pyrite being the male counterpart cuprite the female and hematite responsible for manifesting light on the earth plane it represents the light behind all creation and the unity that underlies all duality. It resonates with the root chakra and is a powerful healer of the blood aids kidneys to purify the blood stimulates absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. It restores equilibrium and grounds so is excellent for headaches dizziness and feelings of being spaced out. In its natural unpolished form hematite has a red covering which was used by ancient people as make-up and colorant. This is a very strong stone and over wearing can cause energy distortion. Judy Hall reports this stone as useful for legal situations. Love is in the Earth (Melody); Crystal Healing – The Complete Practitioners Guide (Hazel Raven); The Crystal Bible (Judy Hall).


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